The Team at
Kenowa Hills

Name: Location: Phone: Email: Title:
Acker, Joe High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8910 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Anderson, Ashley High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8213 Contact Child Life Specialist
Andrasko, Sarah Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6339 Contact Spanish Teacher
Andrusiak, Katie High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8407 Contact English Teacher
Antcliff, Wendy Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4259 Contact Head Cook
Armock, Heather Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4244 Contact Intervention Specialist
Ayers, Danielle Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7206 Contact Middle School Counselor
Beikman, Ed High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8294 Contact Math/Robotics/Comp Science/Engineering Teacher
Beke, Jennifer Early Childood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3206 Contact Learning Center Lead Teacher
Bekins, Vicki High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8424 Contact Athletic Secretary
Bell, Annette High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8276 Contact Math Teacher
Bentley, David High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8260 Contact Math/Physics Teacher
Bernard, Chris Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6205 Contact Assistant Principal
Bierema, Austin High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8288 Contact History Teacher
Hehrer, Jamie Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4251 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Black, Troy Middle/High School 616.785.3225/616.784.2400 Ext: 7324/8302 Contact Science Teacher
Blase, Heather Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5203 Contact Secretary
Bookie, Chris High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8409 Contact Instrumental Music Teacher
Botsford, Lisa High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8269 Contact English Teacher
Bouwkamp, Joshua High School 784.2400 Ext: 8255 Contact Psychology Teacher
Boyd, Chris Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5244 Contact Social Worker
Bradford, Robyn Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6257 Contact K-Knights Teacher
Bradley, Becky Zinser, Alpine 616.453.2461 Ext: 4300 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Brandstatter, Jennifer Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5341 Contact Intervention Specialist
Bretz, Reed High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8239 Contact Vocal Music Teacher
Brinks, Kristin Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5261 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Britton, Andrea High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8203 Contact Secretary
Dean, Alyssa Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4236 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Byle, Ray High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8274 Contact Biology/Physics Teacher
Carey, Emily Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6206 Contact Itinerant Staff
Carlson, Cathy Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7226 Contact Special Education Teacher
Carter, Lenore Transportation 616.453.4757/616.453.2758 Ext: 6302 Contact Transportation Dispatcher
Chiles, Deric Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7208 Contact Itinerant Staff
Clark, Anthony High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8258 Contact Special Education Teacher
Clark, Cherie Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6258 Contact Intervention Specialist
Clement, Amy High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8306 Contact French Teacher
Compau, Rochelle Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 8401 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Cooper, Payton Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5258 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Courtade, Melissa District Contact Board Member
Crawley, Mary District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2225 Contact Administrative Assistant
Curtis, Dave Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7308 Contact Social Studies Teacher
Cusick, Jeremy High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8248 Contact Science/Criminalistics Teacher
Czarnecki, Melissa Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6237 Contact Resource Room Teacher
Dahlquist, Conor Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7299 Contact School Psychologist
Davis, Brooke District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2260 Contact Director of Diversity, Equity, and Mental Health Services
Debri, Jamel Central 616.647.6351 Ext: 6222 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
DeKievit, Peter Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7321 Contact Science Teacher
Devereaux, Megan Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4203 Contact Secretary
DeYoung, Kathi Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6209 Contact Speech/Language
Dinkelmann, Bill District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2205 Contact Assistant Superintendent
Dougherty, Carrie Central 616.647.6351 Ext: 6261 Contact K-Knights Teacher
Dykstra, Michele Alpine, Zinser 616.784.0884/616.453.2461 Ext: 5340/4207 Contact Elementary STEM Teacher
Eadeh, Sarah Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6242 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Ellerbrock, Kim Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5346 Contact Library Aid
Elliott, Matt District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2218 Contact Student Information Systems
Fair, Laura High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8334 Contact Science/Physics Teacher
Feirick, Jason District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2211 Contact Accountant
Feutz, Steve Middle/High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8451 Contact STEM Teacher
Fitzpatrick, Alexa Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6233 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Fogt, Stephanie Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7335 Contact Math Teacher
Fritz, Elisabeth High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8253/8256 Contact Art Teacher
Fussman, Jen Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7333 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Ganzevoort, Ryan Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7215 Contact Behavior Interventionist
Gates, Melissa Alpine 616.785.0884 Ext: 5250 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Gerdes, Stephanie Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6226 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Gerig, Tammy Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4252 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Ghareeb, Ann High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8339 Contact PAC Coordinator
Gilchrist, John District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2210 Contact Director of Finance
Glanzman, Carly Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6250 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Goebel, Shannon Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7335 Contact Physical Education/Health Teacher
Goller, Aelise Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4256 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Graham, Kelsey Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6264 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Gravelyn, Wendy Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7213 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Greemann, Liz Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5343 Contact Intervention Specialist
Gregory, Cara Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7330 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Gregory, Melissa Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5248 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Griffith, Jennifer Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4248 Contact Special Education Teacher
Guczwa, Laura Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7336 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Gustinis, Jeff District Contact Board Member
Haik, Eric Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7205 Contact Assistant Principal
Haines, Joanna Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7337 Contact Science Teacher
Hall, Julie High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8281 Contact Math Teacher
Hammond, Jason High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8254 Contact History Teacher
Hart, Tracey District Contact Board Member
Hartley, Charlotte Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6240 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Hartman, Heidi Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6252 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Hartrick, Kevin High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8910 Contact Math Teacher
Herman, Shawn Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4250 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Heyboer, Chip Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7316 Contact Technology/Stem/Computer Science Teacher
Heyboer, Sue High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8201 Contact Secretary
Herron, Jared Pathways 616.784.2511 Ext: 7407 Contact Principal
Hopkins, Gerald District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2209 Contact Superintendent
Horner, Cherie Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6204 Contact Principal
Hughes, Alexandra High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8290 Contact English Teacher
Hughes, Julie Zinser 616.452.2461 Ext: 4208 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Huhn, Kim Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 4323 Contact Spanish Teacher
Huizen, Kelli Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7326 Contact Math Teacher
Hulford, Annie Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6247 Contact Music Teacher
Hurt, Mary High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8304 Contact Spanish Teacher
Hutt, Justin High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8271 Contact Biology/Chemistry Teacher
Ignatoski, Robert Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7257 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Johnston, Brooke Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5263 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Johnston, Todd High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8312 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Jones, Linsey Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5240 Contact Speech/Language
Jonker, Nathan Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7315 Contact Special Education Teacher
Jorgenson, Joseph Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7320 Contact Special Education Teacher
Keller, Pam Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7227 Contact Special Education Teacher
Kemp, Katie Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6259 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Klatt, Gina Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3250 Contact Preschool Teacher
Klein, Rhonda Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5331 Contact Head Cook
Koch, Dave Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7304 Contact Social Studies Teacher
Kochaney, Erica Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7289 Contact Instructional Coach
Koning, Debie Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3251 Contact Preschool Teacher
Knapp, Danielle High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8243 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Knudsen, Megan Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7325 Contact Math Teacher
Krueger, Steve Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 8414 Contact Academic Support
Kunst, Shelly Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5241 Contact Intervention Specialist
Kutzli, Leah Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7212 Contact Speech/Language
Labotz, Erin District Contact Board Member
Lanka, Julie District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2201 Contact Secretary to the Superintendent
Latham, Pat Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7209 Contact Secretary
LeCompte, Jill High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8277 Contact Chemistry/Biology Teacher
Leedy, Steve Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7343/7245 Contact Art/Digital Art/Website Teacher
Lesperance, Ashley Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7258 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Levitt, Ryan Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7311 Contact Social Studies Teacher
Lipinski-Worrell, Kristine Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6248 Contact Art Teacher
Lipscomb, Cali Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3205 Contact Director of Kenowa Hills Learning Center
Lovell, Stephen Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5265 Contact KSSN Coordinator
Lugtigheid, Nancy Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4244 Contact
Luke, Jason Pathways 616.784.2400 Ext: 8340 Contact Teacher
Majchrzak, Lauria Alpine/Zinser 616.784.0884 Ext: 5238 Contact Music Teacher
Marks, Karla Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5332 Contact Special Education Teacher
Marquez, Michelle High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8410 Contact Social Worker
Martin, Brenda Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6267 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Martin, Cassie Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3232 Contact Learning Center Teacher
Martinez, Marsha Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6229 Contact Special Education Teacher
Maxwell, Wendy Apine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5234 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
McCarty, Karen Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3243 Contact Learning Center Assistant
McPherson-Leitz, Kristy High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8245 Contact English Teacher
McVey, Mikie Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5242 Contact Art Teacher
Merryman, Natalie Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4253 Contact K-Knights Teacher
Moffett, Kim High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8205 Contact Athletic Director
Monroe, Lisa Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6234 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Moorehead, Michael Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5249 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Mortimore, Julie Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5262 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Near, Lyndsey Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5259 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Nicolette, Becky Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5245 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Noble, Mandy Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4237 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Norkus, Chris Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4258 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
O'Dell, Charlie High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8206 Contact Assistant Principal
Olson, Kim Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3201 Contact Secretary
Pacanovsky, Anne High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8341 Contact Special Education Teacher
Papranec, Diane Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5263 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Pease, Amy Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3253 Contact Speech/Language
Perez, Christina Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3240 Contact Learning Center Teacher
Perry, Mae High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8272 Contact English/Debate Teacher
Perry, Rebecca Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4234 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Philo, Erica Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4244 Contact Intervention Specialist
Piccard, Lauren Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5237 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Pikaart, Cindy Central 616.647.6351 Ext: 6261 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Locke, Heather High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8284 Contact Biology/Anatomy Teacher
Roberts, Danielle Distict Contact Board Member
Robrahn, Nathan High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8204 Contact Principal
Rodriguez, Alissa Central 616.383.9913 Contact Child Life Specialist
Ross, Lee Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7332 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Ruscett, Cindy District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2252 Contact Coordinator Of Assessment & Achievement
Rush, Lori Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7329 Contact Math Teacher
Ryan, Donna District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2227 Contact Administrative Assistant
Rykse, Jennifer Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4249 Contact Physical Education Teacher
VanOeveren, Kim Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6201 Contact Secretary
Scholten, Luke Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3204 Contact Director of Early Childhood
Neuman, Paula Transportation 616.453.4757 Ext: 6301 Contact Director of Transportation
Shaw, Aaron High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8280 Contact Math Teacher
Sherwin, Amy Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5336 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Sicilian, Margaret Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6243 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Sitar, Janet Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3242 Contact Special Education Teacher
Skinner, Vanessa Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4254 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Slupe, Kim Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6338 Contact ELL Teacher
Smith, Jim Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7204 Contact Principal
Snyder, Jason Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5204 Contact Principal
Soderquist, Christine High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8257 Contact Government/Economics Teacher
Sposaro, Sara Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4246 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Stammis, Sarah Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4235 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Stehouwer, Rob Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7305 Contact Science Teacher
St. Pierre, Tracey Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6232 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Sullivan, Jennifer Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4245 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Thayer, Amanda Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7201 Contact Secretary
Thomas, Kristen Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5350 Contact KSSN Coordinator
Tracey, Renee Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5332 Contact Intervention Specialist
VanDam, Jodi Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6224 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Vanderheide, Spencer High School 616.784.0884 Ext: 8299 Contact Special Education Teacher
Vanderhyde, Nick Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5247 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
VanderKlok, Jayne Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7228 Contact Special Education Teacher
VanKrimpen, Gabriella Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6245 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
VanValkenburg, Troy High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8237 Contact History Teacher
Voss, Jim High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8292 Contact History Teacher
Walski, Krista Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7203 Contact Secretary
Wentland, Lisa Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6218 Contact Resource Room Teacher
White, Lisa Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7323 Contact Technology Teacher
Wickering, Jim Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6239 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Williams, Jaime Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3249 Contact Occupational Therapist
Williams, Shanna High School 616.784.0175 Ext: 8333 Contact Director of Food Service
Willick, Ross Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4204 Contact Principal
Willink, Jen Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6256 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Willson, Elizabeth Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6207 Contact Intinerant Staff
Wilson, Lizi Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6230 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Wiltheiss, Sam District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2202 Contact Director of Operations
Wisneski, Lisa Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4262 Contact Special Education Teacher
Finkler, Erica Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4206 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Wojtas, Carrie High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8291 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Woodman, Sheila Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6241 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Woodworth, Cindy Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3256 Contact ECSE Teacher - Virtual
Wormmeester, Amy Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 8412 Contact Special Education Teacher
Yancey, Aleece Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6399 Contact Secretary
Zajdel, Ryan Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5235 Contact K-Knights Teacher
Zuver, Janice Alpine/Central 616.784.0884 Ext: 5332 Contact Intervention Specialist
Morrisson, Brent Middle/High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8238 Contact Instrumental Music Teacher
Near, Abigail Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5355 Contact Speech / Language
Parzych, Melissa Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6231 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Przybyla, Erin Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4255 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Schultz, Jennifer Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6235 Contact Special Education Teacher
Sleboda, Camille Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4209 Contact Social Worker
Sole, Rachelle Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6223 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Swieringa, Faith High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8323 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Vandenberg, Eric High School 616.784.0884 Ext: 8295 Contact Special Education Teacher
Young, Katrina High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8214 Contact Transitions Coordinator
Zegunis, Rory High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8242 Contact Dean of Students
Primo, Stephanie District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2226 Contact Registrar
Schultz, David District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2204 Contact Payroll Specialist
LeMahieu Dunn, Shelly District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2208 Contact Human Resources Assistant
Webb - CTO, Rick Administration 616.965.4023 Contact Director of Information Technology


CALL 616-784-2511 OPT.2